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The PCF Approach was developed to support country-driven and country-focused responses to TB. As such, the development of the Knowledge Hub centers around the principles of Linking & Learning, and co-creation. The aim is to facilitate and inspire a supportive community of practice.

This section provides capacity development resources such as e-Learning courses, webinars, and how-to videos; as well as experience sharing platforms, either through case studies or the PCF user forum (currently under development).

Our learning resources


This e-learning course consists of self-paced modules with knowledge checks to measure your understanding and ability to apply the concepts learned. It is a great way for practitioners and program managers to continuously improve skills to develop more responsive programs.

Case studies

PCF case studies provide in-depth examples of how the PCF has been used in different countries. It is useful for understanding how countries have approached the PCF process and can help guide you in your own efforts.

Informative videos

This is an audiovisual repository of information including recorded events, video presentations, workshops, seminars, and training sessions on different PCF topics. It provides guidance on the steps needed to complete different activities in a logical order in the PCF process.

User forum

The user forum (under development) is an online discussion board that allows users to have discussions in the form of posted messages. This is an interactive format for peer-to-peer learning and information sharing
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