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Section 2. Steps for planning and preparation
8 Sections 24 mins read
Section 4. Stakeholder consultative workshops
7 Sections 160 mins read

Introduction to the PCF Handbook

The PCF Handbook is designed to provide a comprehensive guide for National TB Programs and their partners in implementing the People-Centred Framework Approach for TB programming. Based on the experiences and feedback of 10 early adopter countries, this “work-in-progress” handbook includes step-by-step instructions, tools, templates, and “tips and tricks” to support the development of optimized, evidence-based, and people-centred National Strategic Plans (NSPs) for TB programming. The handbook is a complimentary resource to the WHO People-Centred Framework for tuberculosis programme planning and prioritization, User guide published in 2019, and the recently revised version published in September 2022. The Handbook is designed to be flexible and can be used as a step-by-step guide, a reference guide for specific steps, or as a basis for local adaptations. To ensure that the content remains relevant to program and implementer realities, the Handbook includes links and references to relevant sections, additional materials, tools, and resources (internal and external)


Section 1. Operational guidance
This section is an introduction to the People-Centred Framework Approach for TB Programming. It presents an overview of its rationale, philosophy, and methodology.
16 mins read
Section 2. Steps for planning and preparation
This section describes the different requirements and steps in preparation for the implementation of a People-Centred Framework (PCF) Approach for National Strategic Planning.
24 mins read
Section 3. Data consolidation
This section introduces the concept of data consolidation, describes the process and steps to conduct a data consolidation, the data requirements, and the tools that should be used during this process. The...
162 mins read
Section 4. Stakeholder consultative workshops
This section introduces the stakeholder consultation workshops with the objective to prioritize problems, analyse root causes, identify and optimise feasible interventions at national and sub-national lev...
160 mins read

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A PDF version of the entire handbook will be available for download here. The PDF is updated as the online handbook is updated.

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