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PCF Knowledge Hub

PCF Knowledge Hub

The PCF Knowledge Hub is a linking and learning platform designed to help policymakers in high-burden TB countries effectively tackle the epidemic and achieve better outcomes.

The project was developed to strengthen the capacity at the country level in the areas of data analysis, interpretation, presentation, and utilization for decision-making. By actively co-designing and creating tools and processes tailored to country needs with selected early adopter countries, we ensure the approach is relevant and effective.

This Knowledge Hub serves as a one-stop-shop for the PCF Community of Practice, as it provides access to all relevant resources, tools, learning, and exchange interactions, as well as links to additional information and resources that NTP managers, policymakers and partners may need in the application of the PCF approach for TB programming. Through ongoing continuous feedback and experience sharing among countries and with the developers, we ensure that the design, toolkit, processes, and resources remain relevant and continue to improve with use.

See the PCF Knowledge Hub content below:

The PCF online manual/handbook:

Contains a step-by-step implementation guide for key components of the PCF framework.

A PCF Toolkit repository:

Includes the PCF data analytics dashboard, the Patient Pathway Analysis (PPA) wizard, and various PCF approach templates (with upcoming links to modeling and costing tools).

A capacity building/eLearning platform:

Recorded introductory webinars on key PCF topics, recorded conference and experience-sharing presentations, and interactive online course.

A user forum/community of practice exchange hub.

Currently under development.

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